What do you know about the Renewable Energy Certificate?

The REC is essential to a carbon reduction plan to promote renewable and sustainable energy production. RECs allow customers to purchase the environmental attributes associated with the generation of renewable power, without directly purchasing electricity.

What are RECs?

A REC is a tradeable, market-based instrument that represents the legal property rights to the “renewable-ness” or non-power (i.e., environmental) attributes of renewable electricity generation.

There will be a local issuer with responsibility for issuing RECs in a specified country or region. The issuer in Vietnam is the Green Certificate Company (GCC).

RECs Market

RECs can be used for both voluntary and compliance purposes.


RECs include several data attributes, such as:

Depending on the market in which the REC is generated, other attributes may be associated with the certificate.

What makes RECs important for business?

Electricity is not a tangible product that can be boxed and sent from the producer to the consumer. Instead, a producer injects an electrical charge into the grid in one place and a consumer (somewhere else) takes the same amount of charge off the grid. There is no way to track electrons through a grid. Therefore, the only reliable mechanism for making claims about the use of a specific charge that was taken off the grid is a system that books all injected charges as unique units (megawatt-hours (MWh)).

Using RECs, a type of Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC), end-users around the world can make reliable claims about their energy usage such as: “My factory runs on 100% renewable energy”, “our products are made with 100% wind energy” and “our global electricity usage causes zero end-of-pipe emissions.” In other words, the International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC) allows businesses to demonstrate that the electricity they produce and put on the grid is from renewable sources, helping to differentiate it from other non-renewable energy sources also connected to the power grid.

Why use RECs?

Having I-REC helps businesses demonstrate their commitment to ESG practices and sustainable development, attracting investors and enhancing competitiveness in the market.

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