Optimizing Energy Costs In The Context Of Rising Electricity Prices With Rooftop Solar Energy

With the current situation of rising electricity prices, most manufacturing enterprises have to pay a large amount of electricity costs. Rooftop solar energy is an effective green solution to help businesses manage and save electricity bills.

Recently, Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) has issued Decision No: 377/QD-EVN dated April 27, 2023 on adjusting the average retail electricity price with VND 1920.3732/kWh (excluding VAT) from May 4, 2023. This adjustment is equivalent to an increase of 3% compared to the current average retail electricity price. 

The reason for this price increase is that EVN’s total cost of electricity production and business has continuously increased in the past two years, leading to a loss of more than VND 26,000 billion in production and business activities in 2022. 

The average electricity price increment for Manufacturers (22 kV to 110 kV) is 4% YoY from 2013 to 2023

With the current situation of rising electricity prices, most manufacturing enterprises have to pay a large amount of electricity production costs, which directly affects their profits. Therefore, finding a solution to manage and save electricity costs is extremely necessary. 

Rooftop solar energy – A green solution to save production costs for businesses 

The PPA solution is a tailor-made plan which offers business owners the power to: 

Therefore, when you collaborate with an investor and developer in rooftop solar energy like VSSES, businesses do not have to spend any investment or operating costs related to the system, but also reduce electricity bill and own the system. 

Why you should collaborate with VSSES for going solar 

With our rooftop solar solutions, VSSES feels honored to bring businesses closer to green energy, which in turn helps them minimize the negative impact on the environment and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

Thanks to the outstanding performance in service quality and occupational safety, VSSES was honored as the winner of two awards in the following categories Solar Energy Industry Leadership Awards and Solar Energy Innovation Excellence Award at The Solar Future Awards 2022, and the Innovative Sustainability Project of The Year Award at the Solar Future Awards 2021. 

Three prestigious awards achieved by VSSES at The Solar Future Awards

What makes VSSES win the trust of our partners: 

Furthermore, through our Power Purchase Agreement solutions, beneficiaries can enjoy rooftop solar energy with no investment upfront. It is VSSES responsibility to install, operate and maintain the whole RTS system for more than 20 years of contract. In the meantime, partners only need to pay for their consumed amount of energy at a lower price compared to prevailing tariff. 

With rooftop solar energy provided through PPA models, businesses will reduce their operating costs considerably each month. 

More about PPA models – enjoy green energy with zero upfront investment 

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