Why Social Responsibility Matters to Businesses 

Proving to the public that it is a force for good is a way for a business to stand out from the competition, improve brand value, and stay top-of-mind. 


According to Deloitte’s 2021 Millennial and Gen Z Survey, the modern workforce places a higher value on culture, diversity, and high impact than financial perks.  49% of Gen Zers and 44% of Millennials base their decisions on the kind of job and company they would join on their own ethics.  

What are the Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility 

CSR has numerous advantages for a business. 

How Can Businesses Practice CSR? 

There are 4 pillars of corporate responsibility that your business can leverage on to initiate CSR strategy

Some common examples of economic responsibility include investing in alternative energy sources, putting more money into education programs and funding local charities as a way of bolstering their mission. 

With the rooftop solar power solution, VSSES is proud to be able to accompany enterprises to boost their CSR performance since solar energy is regarded as green because it uses a natural resource that can’t run out and emit almost zero CO2 emissions. 

Rooftop solar adoption can also help businesses reduce their monthly electric bills. Through the partnership with an expert investor cum developer like VSSES you needn’t spend any penny on upfront investment or operation & maintenance work while enjoying a lower charge for the consumed energy. For example, with a 1 MWp rooftop solar system invested by VSSES in 25 years of contract duration, your business can save up to 25 billion dongs. 

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