Why do some business owners still hesitate to install rooftop solar? (Part two)

To those people who are new to rooftop solar, the thoughts of roof collapse and solar panel fire are terrifying. Therefore, having solar panels on the roof seems like a risky decision to them. However, these are two common misconceptions that VSSES would like to clear.

Firstly, VSSES would like to address the concern on roof collapse. VSSES ensures that there will be roof structural analysis conducted by both internal and external parties. Through the analysis, VSSES will be able to understand if the roof is able to hold the solar panels’ weight over the contract period. If the roof is able to, the external parties will confirm and provide an endorsement. Thereafter, this rooftop solar deployment can be implemented. If the roof is not able to, reinforcement solutions will be proposed and implemented to ensure that roof integrity will not be compromised before any rooftop solar deployment.  VSSES’s roof structural analysis includes examining of , roof purlin bearing capacity, roof sheet’s lifespan, roof walkway demarcation, etc. Through this detailed analysis, it will ensure that there will be no incident of roof collapsing.

Secondly, VSSES would like to address the concern on solar panel fire. The main reason for this is due to poor installation practices. Leveraging on the international experience from its shareholder whereby thousands of rooftop solar system had been deployed, VSSES is able to ensure that the best installation practices are adopted. Coupled to this, with our strong local presence, VSSES is well versed with the local requirements such as the firefighting regulations to be always in full compliance with them. Some of the requirements within the firefighting regulations include having each solar array not exceeding 40 x 40 meters, keeping the distance between the two arrays of at least 1.5 meters, ensuring the DC and AC power wiring systems are protected from surges, etc.

With these practices, VSSES ensures that there is and there will be zero solar panel fire incidents for all rooftop solar deployments.

Solar energy is considered as one of the safest means of energy use in the world, simply because the energy itself does not produce any noise, toxic waste or hazardous materials that are harmful to the environment. With diligent roof structural analysis and proper solar installation, business owners can have peace of mind knowing their rooftop solar system will always be operated in safety.

How much Cost Savings with Solar? Depends, but It is Worth taking a Look.

The use of solar energy can help business owners with their cost savings on electricity consumption during the daytime. The amount of cost savings depends on several factors such as the geographical location of installation, the type of prevailing tariff paid to EVN (Manufacturing, Business or Government Administration) and a potential rise in conventional electricity in the future. As VSSES understands these factors, VSSES is able to provide the business owners the most optimal rooftop solar system as well as a variety of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) pricing models to allow maximum cost savings from the prevailing tariff.

1. Discount+ Model

This model simply indicates that business owners will enjoy cost savings by simply offsetting part of their electricity payment to EVN during daytime with VSSES’s solar energy at a fixed discount during the contract tenure. This savings will be guaranteed based on the difference between VSSES’s solar price and EVN’s electricity tariff which increased by 5% on average based on historical date.

2. Secure+ Model

Like Discount+, Secure+ also helps business owners to offset their EVN electricity payment with VSSES’s solar price. This time, business owners can pick their own price of solar energy for their business for the next two decades. As EVN’s electricity tariff continuously rises in the future, the higher it gets the bigger savings revenue business owners will collect cumulatively.

VSSES’s PPA comes with plenty of options and flexibility for business owners to select. Business owners can choose to get a permanent discount on their electricity price or secure fixed solar prices for their own business. Instead of relying passively on EVN’s electricity tariff, business owners can now decide on the choice of electricity use. If they choose to go solar, they will enjoy the cost savings from the electricity tariff without having required to spend any expense from the get-go.

VSSES’s aim is to provide clean solar energy to every commercial and industrial facility in Vietnam. Being a joint venture between Sembcorp Singapore, Becamex IDC and VSIP, VSSES is equipped with the knowledge and experience to offer rooftop solar systems of the highest quality to business owners, helping them to resolve the concern of expensive electricity payments.