3 Key Benefits of Rooftop Solar Energy for Companies

Vietnam has a great potential for solar power development as it has average annual sunshine hours ranging between 2,500 to 3,000 (according to Mr. Hoang Quoc Vuong – Vice Minister of Industry and Trade – EVN). Among the different types of solar systems, grid-tied rooftop solar system is the most popular since it provides alternative energy which is greener and cheaper.


3 key benefits of rooftop solar energy for companies

1. Save on Electricity Costs

Your business can reduce monthly electricity bills by up to 40% with the use of solar energy. These days, there are many companies such as VSSES which can provide the entire rooftop solar system for free. With this model, neither do you need to spend any investment nor operating costs related to the system. All you need to do is to enjoy the cheaper electricity bill.

2. Create Positive Impacts on the Environment

Mr. Tran Dinh Long – Vice Chairman of Vietnam Electricity Association – EVN once , “Among all current power generation energy sources, solar power is the “cleanest” energy source, giving the greatest applicability and efficiency of electricity generation among new and renewable energy sources”. The rooftop solar system generates electricity directly from the sun which does not pollute the environment or emit carbon dioxide. Moreover, it alleviates the impacts of climate change for a long duration of 25 years which is equivalent to its useful lifespan. Currently, there are various companies, such as the shareholder of VSSES- Sembcorp, which are working with research institutions to ensure that the panels deployed will be recycled in time to come. Hence, rooftop solar system is a solution which can help you to save the environment and be a step closer to achieving your company’s sustainability goals.

3. Enhance Branding

With an increasing emphasis on going green, many companies are setting sustainability goals to do their part and one of this goals is to use renewable energy such as solar energy. By going solar, while it helps the environment, it also improves your brand as it is a good showcase to others that your company care about the environment. This will attract like-minded customers and open up business opportunities inevitably.

All in all, the above are the 3 most prominent benefits that rooftop solar system can bring. Not only will you be able to use green energy at a lower electricity costs, you will also enhance your reputation and brand value.

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