VSSES’s Journey to Two Remarkable Titles at The Solar Future Awards 2022

The awards were given to VSSES not only for our concerted efforts in ensuring occupational safety but also for the high technical expertise of the VSSES internal team, who diligently monitor every step of all projects.

On October 27, VSSES was honored to receive two awards in the following categories “Solar Energy Industry Leadership Awards” and “Solar Energy Innovation Excellence Awards” as voted by the judging committee of The Solar Future Awards 2022, presented by Leader Associates to recognize technology innovations and groundbreaking solutions of the renewable energy industry.

VSSES was given two awards at The Solar Future Awards 2022

VSSES was given two awards at The Solar Future Awards 2022

VSSES has earned distinguished recognition thanks to the successful demonstration of the ability to apply modern technology combined with all-out efforts in ensuring occupational safety.

Winning these awards is a testament to our strong commitment to implementing rooftop solar solutions of the highest safety and quality standards. The competitive market may sometimes lead to the pressure to compromise on standards to make an attractive offer to customers. However, in VSSES, we have persevered in maintaining safety and quality principles while expanding the secured capacity significantly this year.”, the General Director of VSSES, Mr. Leong Wei Lik stated.

Developer with the highest priority in safety

One top priority in any project we deliver for clients is to make sure there will be no breach of safety. It is critically important that our technical team have prepared themselves with a strong mindset of safety compliance when conducting rooftop solar projects for partners and clients.

That’s why VSSES periodically holds in-house training to equip our internal team and partnered vendors with the basics of Health, Safety & Environment which set out essential standards for a safe workplace. Qualifying for the validation test is mandatory for those who will join the project’s construction.

HSE training for VSSES staff

HSE training for VSSES staff

In terms of the construction process, VSSES has executed absolute safety right from the very beginning with our two-layered roof structural assessment. In the preliminary survey, we take to a 3D laser scanner which enables a reliable examination of the building’s external and internal structure. The technical team will rely on the measure metrics and the digital 3D representation to comprehensively determine the load-bearing capacity of the building, showing if it is safe enough to build an RTS system atop the roof.

If the building is initially qualified for a rooftop solar system, VSSES will process the second assessment in the collaboration with a 3rd party consultant who is a certified expert in roof inspections. The ultimate result of two assessment rounds will set a concrete foundation for the realization of a rooftop solar project.

VSSES applies an innovative scanner for building inspections

VSSES applies an innovative scanner for building inspections

Furthermore, given that RTS installation involves lots of climbing, VSSES ensures our team can get the easiest and safest access to the roof by setting up the scaffolding system.

The advantage of this practice over other commonly used equipment like cat ladders is its smart design to handle heavy weights and eliminate accidental hazards as many as possible. For example, the scaffold saves room for the construction team to take a rest along the way which the cat ladder doesn’t have.

An unsafe workplace can result in intangible costs such as a loss of productivity and tangible costs such as training of replaced installers, compensation, and medical expenses due to workplace death or injuries.

Therefore, safety and quality are always VSSES’s top priority.

A business of fast growth

“We have come a long way since our humble start back in 2020 with less than 10 staff to our current strength of 50. Despite the challenges faced during the initial 2 years of the COVID-19 pandemic, we survived, and this year, due to the strong support of our shareholders, customers, partners, and employees, we managed to increase our portfolio by 4 times within 10 months. “, said Mr. Leong Wei Lik.

VSSES supports Vietnam’s transition to a low-carbon future

This year, VSSES is planning to roll out large-scale rooftop solar projects that expect to contribute significantly to Vietnam’s transition to a low-carbon future.

Particularly, in October 2022, VSSES signed a Power Purchase Agreement with Regina Miracle International Vietnam to develop a rooftop solar project with a total installed capacity of 8.6 MWp. The adoption of rooftop solar will help Regina Miracle cut down on CO2 emissions by 11,000 tonnes annually, which will empower Regina Miracle to conquer another milestone in its sustainable journey.

Midea Consumer Electric Vietnam also partnered with VSSES in September for a rooftop solar system with a total capacity of 1.1 MWp. By switching to solar, Midea Consumer Electric Vietnam is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 2,530 tonnes annually, the equivalent of growing 31,000 new trees and taking 550 cars off the road each year.

Our portfolio maturing at a fast pace comes in conjunction with the increase in our workforce. In October 2022, VSSES finally finished the expansion project for our head office based in Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong, we now gain the greater capacity to deliver more rooftop solar projects.

VSSES expanded the head office in Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong

VSSES expanded the head office in Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong

Last year, VSSES also received the “Innovation Project of the Year Award” at The Solar Future Awards 2021. This second win at this award ceremony is a strong statement of VSSES’s quality and service. VSSES will continue doing our utmost to help businesses achieve their green goals and support Vietnam’s transition to a low-carbon future through our best-in-class renewable solutions.

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