Things To Consider Before Installing Rooftop Solar Panels

Though the rooftop solar benefits are there you still have multiple hesitations about such an investment. In this article, we decode some common questions for eco-conscious business owners to back up your decision on whether go solar or not.

Things To Consider Before Installing Rooftop Solar Panels

1. Installing a rooftop solar system involves lots of work

In self-investment cases or we can say invest via the EPC model, you are the owner of every choice that you make and hold 100% of turnover, but this requires you to possess a well understanding of the industry and procedures to realize an RTS project.

However, the rooftop solar industry is actually quite new to Vietnam and most businesses do not have sufficient insights about this area, which leads to the failure to beware of the work required such as getting authority permission before launching the project, and what to do to avoid and tackle issues like connection collapse or fire hazards when the system is put into operation.

Therefore, it is much easier to go for a professional who helps you sort everything out.

The process to realize a rooftop solar project

The process to realize a rooftop solar project

When it comes to partnerships via PPAs, all costs and risks will be transferred to the investors, who will be responsible for ensuring the best performance of the solar energy system. Have a look at the comparison table below to see what responsibilities are on you in both cases of EPC and PPA.

PPA and EPC Comparision

PPA and EPC Comparison

2. Solar panels need maintenance and cleaning

Solar panel cleaning is the most common maintenance required for PV energy systems. Though dust and debris will only result in a 5% reduction in efficiency overall, some research suggests that clients who haven’t been washing their solar panels at all may anticipate a significant decline in efficiency in 2-3 years following a purchase due to these layers of dirt.

While the rainy condition can actually clean solar panels but rain contains dust particles that settle and attach to the surface after the rainwater evaporates. That’s where washing the panels becomes important.

Cleaning solar panels are not a difficult task, simply use water and a soft, non-abrasive sponge or cloth to clean away dirt and debris. But the rooftop solar panels are built on the roof, so it is really important to have a safety plan if you do it on your own. Besides, some people may make a big mistake when they climb on the solar panel to clean it because it creates huge damage to the panel itself.

Hence, if you have meager knowledge about solar panel maintenance or have high concerns about safety, hiring a professional will help you mitigate both your stress and the risk of injury.

When you collaborate with VSSES, we will provide you with a maintenance service that complies stringently with HSE standards. Contact VSSES now

3. Is your installer trustworthy?

If you collaborate with an EPC, their job is to complete the specific task in the given contract time and their responsibilities are over at the end of the contract. In the event that anything does stop working, you don’t want to realize that your installer isn’t around to fix it.

As a PPA investor cum developer, VSSES will provide our service throughout the lifetime of the solar panel system from the installation phase to the O&M phase. We are always there for you to rely on in case of any unexpected problems with the RTS system. Choose to collaborate with us to enjoy green energy with peace of mind!

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