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We are the vanguard. We are the ones paving the way for new developments and fresh ideas. We are at the forefront of what is next in technological advancements in sustainable energy.

Our Culture
Our people are our biggest assets. We are strong advocates for a sustainable future.
Our Vision
To be an industry role model in pioneering smart energy solutions and play our part in creating a sustainable future.
Our Mission
We are Vanguard of Sustainability - Delivering sustainable and innovative energy solutions that support growth and development, creating value for our stakeholders, customers and communities.
We are excited to support Vietnam’s transition to a low-carbon energy future. With a permanent presence in Vietnam, we aim to hire and build a local workforce ready for renewable energy deployment. We look forward to providing affordable, customised sustainable solutions for local businesses and communities
Andrew Toh
General Director of VSSES
VSSES is a Joint Venture between three companies

The tripartite partnership was formed in 2019 by Sembcorp Industries – the leading Energy and Urban development group, operating across multiple markets worldwide, Becamex IDC – the No.1 infrastructure investor in Vietnam and Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park (VSIP) – the leading integrated township and industrial park developer in Vietnam.

VSSES develops and implements rooftop solar solutions and other smart urban energy solutions in VSIP’s various integrated townships and industrial parks, as well as Becamex-owned industrial parks and facilities in Vietnam.


VSSES has its own project management team who will plan, supervise and manage all ongoing works that will be carried out during the installation phase, in compliance with all Vietnam standards and laws.

The construction work and routine cleaning of the PV modules post-installation will be outsourced to reputable subcontractors, who have been carefully selected by VSSES using a robust pre-qualification process.

VSSES will also coordinate closely with customers to ensure strict compliance with the customer’s onsite requirements and be responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses during the installation phase.

The main components of a rooftop solar system are the PV modules, inverters and the mounting structures which will maintain the connection between the roof and solar modules.

VSSES only sources equipment from established Tier 1 suppliers, including but not limited to:

  • PV Modules: Jinko, Trina Solar, Longi Solar
  • Inverters: Huawei, Firmer, SMA

VSSES commits to complete installation of the rooftop solar system within 4 months after signing the PPA with the customer. If VSSES fails to meet the installation deadline, VSSES shall pay the customer a delay penalty. This is VSSES’ firm commitment to all our customer.

No, there will be minimal disruptions to the customer.

During the installation phase, critical works such as hoisting and tie-in will be communicated to the customer in advance to ensure minimal operational disruption to the customer.

Likewise, during the operation phase, preventive maintenance works will be made known to the customer in advance before the commencement of any physical works.

With the Zero Capex Rooftop Solar System provided by VSSES, there will be no obligations or payments required from customers beyond the electricity bill incurred.

Installation, operation and maintenance will be covered by VSSES.

Yes, all other prevailing taxes beyond those levied on power consumption by the Buyer/Customer shall be borne by the Seller/VSSES.

However, do note that the VAT for the solar power that the Buyer consumes shall be borne by the Buyer where applicable. This is consistent to the payment paid to Vietnam Electricity (EVN) for the use of conventionally generated energy.

Yes, VSSES provides a guaranteed output performance for the rooftop solar system to all our customers. If the output guarantee is not met, VSSES shall compensate the customer for the shortfall in the rooftop solar system output. This way, the savings that the customer can get to enjoy will always be protected. This is a commitment made by VSSES to our customers.

The power that customer is getting will be either from the grid or from the solar. Having an unstable solar power output is remote as our inverters have been tested via international standards whereby the harmonic levels are below 3%.

If required, VSSES can share the test reports to customer. To further reassure customer, VSSES can conduct a power quality measurement for a 14-day trial run. Next, in the case of surge, there are residual, overcurrent and overvoltage protections which are triggered to trip before your switchboard. Hence, there will not be any disruption to customer’s operation.

Typically, the solar PV system is a passive generator, and this means that it can neither disrupt the power network that it is connected to nor have the ability to force any load to disconnect

At the end of the PPA term, ownership of the system will be transferred to the customer.

The customer can continue operating the system after the ownership transfer, and VSSES can provide additional operation and maintenance services, if needed.

VSSES shall indemnify the customer against all claims arising out of, or in connection with any damage to property or any injury/death caused by the solar PV system and/or VSSES.

During the project phases, as detailed below, VSSES will effect and maintain the following:

  • Construction and Installation phases – Contractors’ All Risk and Construction Third Party Liability Insurance.
  • Operation and Maintenance Phase – Property Damage and Public Liability Insurance.

Customers will also have to maintain their own Property Damage and Public Liability insurance as per current practice.